3 Tricks When Talking on the Phone with a Man You Met Online

You have met an interesting man online. You two had a great time chatting online and she decided to give you him phone number. Now you have to make him want to see you face to face, and the phone is your only tool.

The first telephone call is the most important one. Sure you have his number, but nothing has

been won yet.

Here are the 3 tricks that you should look at:

1. Prepare a list of topics

Before you call you should have prepared a list of several topics to talk about. Hopefully your email exchange has provided you with some information to follow up on. Study his profile to think of the topics to talk about. Prepare open ended questions. Start talking about a subject, and give him a chance to speak as well.

2. Don't ask him questions about other girls

You should never ask him questions about other girl's he's seeing, suspiciously interrogate him about how he spends his time, and angrily reprimand him for flaking on you. How he spends his time in his business.

A lot of ladies sabotage their chances with a man by don't giving him enough credit and respect.

You know time's trouble if you're doing all the talking and his replies are short or non-existent. If so it means you haven't hit on the right topic to talk about, or, more likely, he simply isn't interested. Also, if he ends the conversation early or "has to go", leave it up to him to call you again, if he wants to. Usually, he won't.

So, when talking to a man on the phone DON'T worry about impressing him. Have fun. Enjoy the conversation. Amuse yourself.

3. Never compliment him on the first go

At first phone conversation is better to stay away of complimenting him. I think giving men

compliments can be very powerful. But when you give a man compliments within the context of trying to win him over, you become a wuss.

Usually men are curious why the female they are talking to online decided to pick them instead of other thousandths of profiles. Most of them will ask you about these "reasons" and by doing this are giving you the opportunity to make him compliment. So, wait the moment. :)

If the conversation flow easily, effortlessly, if you find him fairly responsive and you can keep up the conversation for at least a half hour you can ask him out.

Him answer seam to be: "YES".

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